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Endless Love

My love,
Thereīs only you in my life
The only thing thatīs right
My first love,
Youīre every breath that I take
Youīre every step I make

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...

And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

Iīll hold you close in my arms
I canīt resist your charms

And love
Oh, love
Iīll be a fool
For you,
Iīm sure
You know I donīt mind
Oh, you know I donīt mind

īCause you,
You mean the world to me
I know
I know
Iīve found in you
My endless love

Oooh, and love
Oh, love
Iīll be that fool
For you,
Iīm sure
You know I donīt mind
Oh you know-
I donīt mind

And, YES
Youīll be the only one
īCause NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And Iīll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

Endless Love
by: Lional Richie
Diana Ross ©


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